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Understandably, advisory firms are keen to publish client testimonials which tell of positive experiences. While it good to share examples of customer satisfaction, we at Care Asset Management believe it is equally important to measure the instances where we do not meet our clients expectations.

Based on the nature of our specialist work and the difficult circumstances which many of our clients find themselves, we have set ourselves a maximum number of upheld customer complaints in any given year which is equal to 3% of the total clients we advise.

Our aim of course is no client complaints but for 2012, we are pleased to report that our number of upheld complaints was restricted to 1.01% of our total new customers and over the last 3 years we have maintained a successful complaint ratio of 1.04% - around a third of our internal target.

Year Clients Complaints
2012 198 2
2011 160 4
2010 217 0
Totals 575 6

Complaint ratio during 2010 to 2012 = 1.043%