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For all your legal, tax and financial needs in later life
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Care Asset Management does not seek to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of financial planning but specialises in the issues which affect clients in later life - which can generally be defined as being from immediately pre retirement age onwards. Our service users include individuals, attorneys, trustees, court appointed deputies, local authority Social Service departments, charities, solicitors, and the consumer association Which?

Our services can be summarised as follows:

  • Later Life and Retirement Planning
    • Capital investments - a full market review of the options available
    • Risk management - a detailed assessment of your risk threshold
    • Pension planning - understanding the complexities of pension funds
    • Cash management - maximising bank and building society deposits
  • Estate and Tax Planning
    • Income tax mitigation - reviewing tax codes and reducing liabilities
    • Capital Gains Tax - minimising disposal tax and utilising allowances
    • Inheritance tax planning - mitigating the tax charge on your estate
    • Succession planning - benefiting loved ones in the most effective way
  • Care Fee Funding
    • State funding entitlement - optimising Government support
    • Benefit eligibility - maximising entitlement regardless of assets
    • Capital and estate protection - ring fencing assets from assessment
    • Care Funding - assessing all the options and strategies
  • Legal Services
    • Acting on a Person's behalf and using a Power of Attorney
    • Wills - reviews and redrafts to provide maximum benefit
    • Trusts - options to help manage your affairs effectively
    • Probate mitigation - limiting costs and inconvenience on death
    • Legal Challenges - redress against poor advice
    • Appeals - challenges to state adjudications and assessments
  • Investment and Wealth Management
    • Discretionary portfolio management - a bespoke management service
    • Risk control - maintaining agreed risk thresholds
    • Reporting and valuations - keeping you informed and updated

Our initial assessment will identify all of the issues and areas which we believe you should consider in providing a full and comprehensive review of your position.